Coaching Services

In addition to our retained executive search services, Storbeck/Pimentel & Associates offers the option of evaluating and developing your leadership through personalized coaching. Our aim is to work with individuals, boards, and high-level teams to develop inspiring leaders who will ensure the long-term success and vitality of great institutions.

Individuals can make use of coaching services to improve self-awareness and understanding of impact on others. Areas to target include: building executive presence, developing a more intentional brand of leadership, improving communication and self-presentation skills, and building a more collaborative team. 

Institutions can make use of coaching services to assist with onboarding and executive integration, a multi-perspective approach that supports successful transition and tenure. Other areas to target include: improving communication and alignment; developing leadership awareness and impact, especially during times of innovation and change.  

What the numbers show:

  • Recent research (2014) shows the positive impact of coaching on individual performance and skills, well-being, and general effectiveness. Furthermore, coaching has a greater impact on performance compared to other popular workplace development tools.
  • 70 percent of organizations (and 93 percent of US-based Global 1000 companies) use coaching as part of their formal leadership development strategy
  • When considering coaching for your institution, you can develop an internal program or hire external coaches. Research has found that 59 percent of executives prefer working with an external coach.

The coaching relationship is a partnership based on mutual trust and respect. Our coaching services are customized to the needs of the individual or institution and follow a four-phase process:

  • Discover (using multiple perspectives to understand what is needed)
  • Design (creating a development plan and setting goals)
  • Deliver (real-time learning over a period of time, coupled with coaching calls)
  • Discern (using feedback to review the impact; evaluation and next steps)

To learn more about Storbeck/Pimentel’s coaching services, please click here.

Please note: While we are pleased to offer coaching services to individuals, contracting for these services does not extend special advantages to individuals pursuing opportunities in searches led by Storbeck/Pimentel & Associates.