Firm Scorecard

When interviewing firms, this scorecard may be used formally or informally to track your impressions of each consultant and firm. *In addition, we recommend asking each firm's references the starred questions in order to get a more complete picture of firm performance.

Please rate each attribute for each firm using a maximum of 5 points per attribute.
1 = poor, 5 = excellent. No totals should add up to more than 20.

Attribute Firm 1 Firm 2 Firm 3


  • How much time do the consultant and firm spend on higher education search at senior levels?
  • How many similar searches have the consultant and firm successfully completed?
  • *Did the firm demonstrate an understanding of your institution's needs and express these effectively and clearly?


  • *How flexible and adaptable will the firm be to your needs?
  • How customized will the firm’s process be?
  • How will you be able to access candidate information? Is there a client portal already in place?


  • Do they seem like a team we could and would want to work with?
  • *Did they ask insightful questions?
  • *Did they listen?
  • *Were they passionate?
  • *Did you feel they were collaborative and would continue to be over time?
  • *Did they address all issues raised in an effective, thoughtful manner?
  • Were you happy with what you learned about the firm from checking references?


  • Does the firm have access to a varied and diverse candidate pool? How do they identify diverse candidates?
  • *How complete will the picture of each candidate be? For example, will you get to see all candidate documents, including cover letters?
  • Will you be included in referencing?

Was there any other factor not already stated here that makes you want to hire or not hire them?


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